Thank you for your interest in writing on our blog.

Please have a look at some of the best articles as this one: 26 On-Page SEO Checklist to Optimize Your Website for 2020 and tell us about the topic you want to write on. You should include links to your already published articles (if any) with your message.

You can also send us complete articles.

Please be sure to check the following guidelines beforehand:

  • Easy to read and understand; don’t use overly complicated sentence structure or very complex jargon
  • Please make sure the title accurately reflects the content of the blog. Also, try to create interesting titles that will intrigue potential readers, while still delivering informational value.
  • We look for original & unique content. 
  • The length of your story should be at least 900 – 1500 words.
  • Break your article up into sub-headings and sections. This makes it easier for the reader to quickly extract value and information.
  • Speak directly to the readers (stay in second person) and try to develop shareable content that the audience can relate to. Maintain a conversational tone.
  • Please stay within 100 words (+ or -) of the given word count for each article.
  • Please include a list of reliable and relevant informational references at the end of the article
  • Please Use Title Case for All Headings and Subheadings
  • Also, include a short bio that includes:
    • Your full name
    • A brief description of your current role & interests

SEO Guidelines:

  • Please insert 2-3 KEYWORDS in each article
  • Please ensure that all keyword usage appears naturally inserted as far as possible
  • Keyword density to not exceed 2.5% for any keyword.
  • Do not force-fit any keywords into the first paragraph of the blog.

Grammar Guidelines:

  • Please ensure that subject-verb agreement is in place.
  • Check for run-on sentences, and sentence fragments.
  • Run a punctuation check before submission—make sure commas, apostrophes, semicolons, m- and n-dashes, and all other punctuation elements are correctly in place.
  • Ensure that your diction is up to speed. This can make or break your article.
  • Please make sure that the grammatical structure of your compound sentences is unified
  • Try and vary the length of your sentences to create an interesting tempo. This keeps away the reader from falling asleep.
  • Always write in the active voice as far as possible. Please try and eliminate the passive voice from your writing.
  • Please eliminate all dangling modifiers in your writing.

How Do I Reach You for the Guest Blog?

Email us at with the subject line “Guest Blog: [working title]” with a complete draft. Our editorial team will connect with you after receiving the article.